What’s the future of electric mobility? Which services offer electric car users the greatest convenience and flexibility to get from A to B? Together with Bosch, we are developing a comprehensive infrastructure for tomorrow’s electric mobility.

At the start of the design process, we looked at users and areas of application: commuters and hauliers, pedelecs and electric cars, scenarios for both city users in Europe and in the Far East. As a result everyone involved gained a clear idea about the requirements, possibilities and starting points for sustainable mobility before the development process started in earnest.

We were able to provide a seamless intuitive user-experience by creating an interdisciplinary product design for the entire Bosch charging station infrastructure and all digital user interfaces associated with this service. A comprehensive modular design principle gives this mobility solution the required flexibility and the possibility to grow in the future.

The Bosch group won the tender for Singapore’s future eMobility infrastructure with this system. The software-based service platform and the public charging stations are already working successfully in the city.